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Other Machines

    1. Steel Fiber Making Machine We have two kinds of steel fiber making machine for producing concrete steel fibers, which are shearing type fiber making machine and drawn steel wire fiber making machine. They are different by the raw material they used.
    1. Battery Making Machine This machine is specially designed for casting board and grids used in batteries. It can melt lead, keep constant mould temperature, feed certain lead liquid, cast and trim edge, all in one machine.
    1. Polyurethane Foam Injecting Machine This injecting machine is mainly used to inject rigid or soft polyurethane foam continuously for various thermal insulation purposes.
      Being controlled by PLC, this machine offers high accuracy, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The alarming relay will give alarms when pre-setting first injection is finished.
    1. Die Casting Machine Being made of hot-work iron or steel, nozzle, gooseneck and melting pot are especially.
      Heated by electric heater, nozzle and goose neck are safe and durable. This keeps temperature steady and avoids jamming of nozzle, resulting in no defective products.
      Auto central lubricating system, directly setting up times of toggle turning lubrication.
    1. Embossing Machine Our company provides a variety of embossing machines for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, leather, paper, PVC, etc.
      Applicable material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, leather, paper
      Applicable material thickness: Carbon steel: 2mm, stainless steel: 1.4mm, or as required
    1. H-beam Production Line This line consists of CNC controlled straight/profile flame cutting machine, H-beam auto assembling machine, gantry type H-beam welding machine, H-beam steel rectifying machine and shot-blasting machine.
    1. Street Pole/Post Production Line It is the production line that is ideal for producing lamp pole / post, signal pole /post, electric pipe tower and telecom power, etc.
      Simple decoiling, leveling and slitting line
      Beveled Cutting Line
    1. Thermal Spraying Equipment The plasma spraying equipment is composed of spraying gun, power rectifier, control system, cooling system, powder feeder, etc. It utilizes plasma arc as heat source, and uses powder as coating material.
    1. Radiator Fin Forming Machine By using different kind of dies, this fin forming machine can produce different kinds of fins for radiators, condensers and evaporators used in refrigerators, automobiles. The material can be aluminum, copper and stainless steel.
    1. Air Conditioner Radiator Core Making Machines

      We own and operate a variety of machines for processing air conditioner radiator cores:
      - Aluminum fin punching press
      - Radiator core tube expanding machine
      - Copper pipe U bending machine
      - Condenser core U L G bending machine

    1. Automobile Radiator Making Machine We have a complete range of machinery for producing automobile radiators:
      - Aluminum microchannel flat tube cutting machine
      - Header pipe punching machine
      - Automatic core builder
      - Automatic tank clinching machine
      - Aluminum brazing furnace
    1. Expanded Metal Machine The expanded metal machine, as the name implies, is generally used for punching and expanding the metal sheet into diamond meshes with different sizes. It is also known as expanded metal mesh machine. The expanded metal making machine can be customized, if the customer offers the following information.
    1. Venetian Blind Slat Machine Just as its name implies, our slat machine is ideally suitable for the manufacture of aluminum venetian blinds. This equipment integrates with a series of processes like forming, punching, cutting, as well as stringing.
      With a fully automatic system, it is controlled by PLC system.
    1. Shot Blasting Machine Shot blasting room
      Cylinder inverting device
      Blast gun moving system
      Cylinder rotating device
    1. Motor Making Machine The rotor coil winding machine is especially used for winding coils for motor rotors. This device comes with PLC control system, touch screen operation, as well as automatic wire traversing.
    1. Cotton Swab Making Machine This cotton swab making machine supports automatic material feeding and rolling. The cotton swab head is compact and uniform.
      Applicable stick: Plastic, paper, wood and bamboo
      Main driving motor power: 2.3kW
    1. Paper Stick Making Machine The paper stick manufactured with our automatic paper stick making equipment is generally used by cotton swab and lollipop. The cotton swab stick making machine is characterized by high automation, high production speed, simple operation, and easy maintenance.
    1. Vacuum Kneader Our vacuum kneader has widely application. It is extensively seen in the industry such as silicone rubber, moulding rubber, hot melt adhesive, printing ink, painting, pigment, dyestuff, oil paint, and carbon material. In addition, the vacuum kneading device is an ideal tool for the other industries, including chemical industry, plastic, medicine, cosmetic, foodstuff, tape, urea-formaldehyde molding powder, starch, gum base, welding electrode, etc.
    1. Hydraulic Ram Pump The improved water powered pump has stable performance, suitable for the application in poor environment.
      It helps realize unmanned operation throughout the year.
      Environment friendly, the hydraulic ram pump makes great contribution to environment protection and energy conservation.
    1. Polyurea Spraying Machine The polyurea spraying machine is generally employed for spraying polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane foam, and some other materials. It is widely seen in the construction of embankment waterproof project, pipeline anticorrosion treatment, sub-cofferdam, tank and pipe coating, cement layer protection, sewage water treatment project, roof and cellar waterproof project, and so on.
    1. Rivet Making Machine Rivets are produced using a complete production line:
      - Cold heading machine
      - Blind rivet nail making machine
      - Open blind rivet assembly machine
      -Washing and polishing machine
    1. Lace Tipping Machine The shoelace tipping machine is an automatic machine used to put tips on shoelaces. It can also put the tipped laces on paper hand bags and be used in other areas that require lace tips.