1. HVAC Duct Forming Machine We can provide a variety of HVAC duct forming machines, including spiral duct forming machine ...
    1. Post-tension Pipe Forming Machine Being suitable for both indoor and site work, this post-tension pipe forming machine is perfect for producing round & oval corrugated pipes, which are widely used in expressway, bridge, train and large-span post-tension concrete project.
    1. Square Duct Production Line III The production line III mainly consists of electric decoiler, leveling & grooving device, hydraulic notching & punching device, hydraulic shearer and hydraulic folder. The precision and reliability of this Square Duct Production Line III is guaranteed by using a computer with a closed-loop servo-system in the electrical control system. Various production lines can be configured according to your detailed requirements.
    1. Aluminum Flexible Duct Machine This aluminum flexible duct forming machine is specially designed for producing aluminum flexible ducts with aluminum foil or metalized PET film with steel wire reinforced for ventilation purpose.
      Diameter of aluminum flexible duct: 80-600mm
      Length of aluminum flexible duct: 1-10m
    1. Spiral Duct Forming Machine Special mould for various diameters, very easy to change and adjust, crane or too much manpower are not needed
      Large diameter range
      High speed synchro flying cutting system
      PLC touch screen control, convenient operation
    1. Flange Forming Machine The T-12 TDF flange forming machine is generally used for manufacturing steel plate with flange for square and rectangular ventilation duct system. The flange size can be customized. In addition, this product can also be used for producing fastener for square and rectangular duct system. Compact and movable, our product is quite convenient for use.
    1. Steel Deck Roll Forming Machine Steel deck roll forming machine consists of mechanical expansion decoiler, feeding & embossing device, main forming unit, PLC control system, hydraulic mould cutting device and manual unloading rack. Different profiles of this steel deck roll forming machine are possible, which can meet all your customers' requirements.
    1. Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machine Raw material thickness: Carbon steel, galvanized steel, 0.5-1.2mm
      Drive motor power: 1.5kW
      Weight: About 210kg
      Dimension: 1040×600×1100mm
    1. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine This CNC plasma cutting machine can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements. Different plasma power for different thickness, different cutting length and width, different control systems and quantity of plasma or flame cutting torches are available.
    1. C/Z Purlin Interchangeable Forming Machine Adopting similar technology of the special structure from New Zealand, our C-Z purlin interchangeable forming machine is widely used. The rollers for C & Z are changed very quickly without dismantling any parts.
      This rolling machine can produce C & Z purlins of all specifications.
    1. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Adopting ball screw plus servo motor driving system, this table type plasma cutting machine has a very high cutting speed and accuracy. So the cutting machine is especially suitable for making elbows, joints for HVAC round and square duct system. In addition, we can manufacture any CNC plasma cutting machine to meet your special requirements.
    1. Color Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine The product of this roll forming machine features novel appearance, level surface, uniform ripple, high usage and automatization, low cost and durability.
      The product of our color steel tile roll forming machine is widely used in civilian construction, such as plants, hangar, gymnasium, exhibition hall and theaters.
    1. Fan Parts Spinning Machine The fan parts spinning machine is specially offered for industrial fans. This fan parts spinning device can be used for flanging drum and wind collector for axial fans, spinning air inlet and front disc of centrifugal blower through one-step forming. Apart from that, our axial fan part making machine can be employed for making bead for air duct and expanded duct, as well.
    1. Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine For years we have focused on the spiral steel silo manufacturing technology, which is the world's most advanced technology for steel silo. Different from other steel silo forming machines, this spiral steel silo forming machine produces steel silo by a special kind of seam lock, not by welding or assembling. Our SM40 forming machine is similar to Germany Lipp machine.
    1. Gorelocker This Gorelocker (also called as elbow making machine) is designed for producing round elbows in ventilation & air conditioning system.
      Elbow diameter: 125-1000mm
      Max. segment angle: 30 degree, 4 pieces for 90 degree elbow
    1. Automatic Chain Making Machine Auto feeding & straightening, auto forming
      Numerical control, quantity of links can be pre-set
      Easy operation, convenient mould change
    1. Roof/Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine As a renowned roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we can produce roof/wall panel roll forming machines according to your requirements.
      Based on the required profiles
      Can be equipped with electric/manual pre-shearing device for changing coils
    1. Other Roll Forming Machines and Equipment Through our years of development, now we at Haoshuo have the capacity of designing and producing the roll forming machine based on customer's requirements, whether it is stud/track drywall profile roll forming machine, gutter roll forming machine, octangular tube roll forming machine, slide rail guide rail roll forming machine, T-bar roll forming machine ...
    1. Roller Bending Machine This roller bending machine is a primary product of our company. When pre-bending end, the length of flat edge can be set freely. And the top roller can move up and down. Drum-type upper roller is suitable for wider plate thickness range.
      High precision end pre-bending
    1. Spiral Filter Core Forming Machine Any length can be cut according to customer's requirement.
      By adjusting clutch, the spiral forming machine can be suitable for materials of different thick.
      Adopting PLC control system, this forming machine offers high efficiency, stable quality, less procedures and materials, thus reducing the production cost.
    1. Steel Fiber Making Machine We have two kinds of steel fiber making machine for producing concrete steel fibers, which are shearing type fiber making machine and drawn steel wire fiber making machine. They are different by the raw material they used.
    1. Rolling Shutter Slats Roll Forming Machine This roll forming machine can produce rolling shutter slats with polyurethane foam online injected. Its PLC control system such as PLC, touch screen, inverter and encoder are imported from Japan.
      - Steps of rollers: 32 stations
      - Length of main machine: 24 meter
    1. Metal Flexible Hose Forming Machine This forming machine is used to produce flexible hose in double seam lock (double-swage). Its materials include stainless steel, cooper, carbon steel and aluminum. The finished hoses are mainly used for sanitary and electric wiring, etc.
    1. Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine This machine integrates the functions of punching, cutting and bending, embossing, twisting, flatting, pressing tie-in, etc. Our busbar bending punching cutting machine is specially produced to process aluminum and copper busbars used in electric power, high/low voltage electric apparatus and busway industries.
    1. K Span Roll Forming Machine This MIC-240 super K span machine developed by us adopts the same technology with ABM MIC-240 forming machine. It is comprised of mechanical expansion decoiler, straight panel forming unit, hydraulic / electric mould cutting device, curving panel forming unit, control system, run-out racks for straight, curve panels and all other accessories and tools.
    1. Barrel Hoop Forming Machine Taking the steel belt with specific width as the raw material, the barrel hoop forming machine is specially offered to produce circular product, such as barrel hoop, wheel rim, and so on. Employing hydraulic forming and shearing technology, the barrel hoop making machine is capable of manufacturing the product in different diameters.
    1. Water Jet Cutting Machine This cutting machine is free of heat-affected zone (HAZ) or heat distortion.
      It provides easy control, high accuracy and excellent edge finishing without frayed edges or burrs.
      Small kerf size (usually less than 1.2mm), low waste.
      This water jet cutting machine can cut almost all kind of materials, even sandwich panels.
    1. High Speed Slitting Line HRC slitting line is also available. (Max. thickness: 16mm.)
      Except this high speed slitting line, Haoshuo also supplies sound quality roll forming machine, spiral duct forming machine, plasma cutting machine, welding machine etc. for global customers.
    1. Tube End Forming Machine The tube end forming machine is specially offered for tube end expanding, reducing, tapering, bellmouth forming, positioning ring forming, and so on. The pipe processed with our pipe end forming machine is generally used in the industry such as air condition, heater, and automobile. The tube end forming equipment can be designed with single station, three stations, four stations, five stations, and six stations.
    1. Expressway Guard Rail Machine This expressway guard rail forming machine is mainly composed of mechanical decoiler, feeding & guiding device, leveling device, pre-punching station, roll forming unit, hydraulic mould cutting device, hydraulic station, PLC control system and unloading rack.
      The product of this roll forming machine is widely used as guard rail for expressway.
    1. Wedge Wire Filter Tube Welding Machine This Wedge Wire Filter Tube Welding Machine is specially-designed for welding filter tubes for any filtering purposes in chemicals, mining, environmental protection, as well as many other industries.
    1. Steel Coil Wrapping Machine This wrapping machine can be used to packing various materials, such as laminated film or dampproof paper tape etc. After being wrapped, the products are good-looking, waterproof, anti-rust, which are easy to transport and store.
    1. High Speed Cut- to- length Line This high speed cut-to-length line consists of hydraulic loading car, double-head uncoiler, pre-leveler, fine-leveler, length gauge, shear, stacker, etc. It is used to cut the cold rolled coils into sheets in certain length.
    1. Wire Mesh Welding Machine This mesh welding machine is of full automatic, PLC control.
      The space between longitudes is adjustable before welding.
      The space between each woof can be preset in the PLC.
    1. Radiator Fin Forming Machine By using different kind of dies, this fin forming machine can produce different kinds of fins for radiators, condensers and evaporators used in refrigerators, automobiles. The material can be aluminum, copper and stainless steel.
    1. Bucket Handle Bending Machine Hydraulic drive: one hydraulic motor for all the operations, energy-saving
      Main hydraulic components like motor, pump and valves are all from Taiwan.
      Feeding, straightening and forming rollers are made by good alloy steel, heat treated HRC 58-62
      Forming moulds are Cr12, quenched
    1. Hydraulic Shear This hydraulic shear is installed with a motor-drive back gauge device with manual fine-adjusting, numerical displayed. A synchronous pneumatic loading car is for your choice.
      The frame is welded with sufficient strength and rigidity
      This hydraulic shear is equipped with a mechanism for quick adjusting blade clearance
    1. Coil Grab Coils grabs are usually divided into two kinds:Vertical Coil Grab and horizontal coil grab. You only need to give us your tonnage, and we will provide your desired grabs.
      Vertical coil grabs are widely used to lift, transport, shove, entruck, stack vertical steel coils, cooper coils, paper rollers, aluminum coils, wire coils and so forth.
    1. Hydraulic Press Brake This hydraulic press brake is normal numeric control, without CNC control system. The adjustment of backgauge and ram stroke is manual.
      Steel-welded construction, vibration to eliminate stress, with high strength and good rigidity.
      Hydraulic top-drive, steadiness and reliability.
    1. Concrete Pipe Cage Welding Machine DC power can assure the welding speed, prolong the life of welding electrodes and save at least 30% electric consumption
      PLC, inverter, touch screen are imported
      Densely-wind length on both ends of the cage and the hoop reinforcement interval can be pre-set on the touch screen.
    1. Other Wire Bending Machines As an experienced wire bending machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we can offer a great line of wire bending machines for you to choose from. These machines can be used to make products of different sizes and shapes, like buckles, hooks, frames, and so on. Give us the shape, the size and wire diameter, we will give you the exact wire bending machine you want!
    1. Polyurethane Foam Injecting Machine This injecting machine is mainly used to inject rigid or soft polyurethane foam continuously for various thermal insulation purposes.
      Being controlled by PLC, this machine offers high accuracy, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The alarming relay will give alarms when pre-setting first injection is finished.
    1. Ironworker Ironworker has two kinds: hydraulic ironworker and mechanic ironworker. It combines the functions of punching, shearing, pressing and folding into one body.
      Type: Q35Y-16, Q35Y-20, Q35Y-25
      Pressure (Ton)L: 55, 75, 110
    1. Embossing Machine Our company provides a variety of embossing machines for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, leather, paper, PVC, etc.
      Applicable material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, leather, paper
      Applicable material thickness: Carbon steel: 2mm, stainless steel: 1.4mm, or as required
    1. Transformer Radiator Fin Plate Forming and Welding Line Our transformer radiator fin plate forming and welding line take advantage of the technology from Germany GEORG and Canadian MTM. It is designed mainly to manufacture fin plate of different widths (520 or 535mm, 480mm, 320 or 310mm) with high efficiency.
    1. 3D Panel Welding Machine This 3D panel welding machine is used to produce structural reinforced concrete panel, also called "3-D" panel. This three-dimensional panel usually adopts 50mm thick uninflammable polystyrene panel as core. One side or both sides of the panel are covered with steel wire welded mesh.
    1. Wheel Rim Bending Machine We can provide all the related machines for producing wheel rims, such as rim bending machine, rim butt welding machine, rim trimming machine, rim rolling machine, and so on.
    1. Tube Spinning Machine Two axis CNC control, small error, high speed
      Hydraulic system is equipped with water cooling system
      High speed mandrel speed 2800rpm, inverter control, speed adjustable
      Automatic loading, unloading Main Technical Data of Tube Spinning Machine
    1. Bra Ring Bending Machine The bra ring bending machine adopts one-way bearing imported from Japan for feeding roller.
      The feeding length and bra ring radius can be adjusted conveniently and freely.
      With good elasticity, the finished bra ring has round head.
    1. H-beam Production Line This line consists of CNC controlled straight/profile flame cutting machine, H-beam auto assembling machine, gantry type H-beam welding machine, H-beam steel rectifying machine and shot-blasting machine.
    1. CNC Hose Clamp Machine We have several models of CNC hose clamp making machine used for various hose clamps, including wire hose clamps and plate hose clamps.
    1. CNC Tube Bending Machine Three-axis numerical control, hydraulic clamping
      Gear and rack driving, each axis is equipped with high precision planetary reducer
      Tracking die is restored pneumatically
      CNC control, 12.1” touch screen operation, simple and easy
    1. Ring Bending Machine Full hydraulic drive, stepless speed changing
      Imported hydraulic components: such as hydraulic engine from Denmark; motor, oil pump and electromagnetic valves from Taiwan; encoder from Japan.
      Numerical display plus encoder for setting length and cutting automatically
    1. Die Casting Machine Being made of hot-work iron or steel, nozzle, gooseneck and melting pot are especially.
      Heated by electric heater, nozzle and goose neck are safe and durable. This keeps temperature steady and avoids jamming of nozzle, resulting in no defective products.
      Auto central lubricating system, directly setting up times of toggle turning lubrication.
    1. Hangar Hook Bending Machine This hangar hook bending machine combines the functions of hook forming and hook end threading together. Generally one end is threaded, and the other end has two shapes (one shape is bended, the other is cold headed). Different shape and different heading treatment can be achieved by changing moulds.
    1. CNC Spring Coiling Machine Thanks to the high precision detection device, the CNC spring coiling machine will stop automatically in case unqualified spring is detected.
      Both the outer diameter and the angel of spring can be revised in real time according to the working condition displayed on HMI.
    1. Corrugated Tank Machine

      We have a complete range of machines for making transformer corrugated tanks:  
      1- Transformer corrugated tank fin forming machine
      2- Transformer corrugated tank fin welding machine
      3- Corrugated fin reinforcement spot welding machine
      4- Corrugated fin wall bending machine
      5- Powder coating line

    1. Venetian Blind Slat Machine Just as its name implies, our slat machine is ideally suitable for the manufacture of aluminum venetian blinds. This equipment integrates with a series of processes like forming, punching, cutting, as well as stringing.
      With a fully automatic system, it is controlled by PLC system.
    1. ERW Pipe Machine This machine is an ideal tool for producing straight-seam welded round, square, rectangular and special pipes with the diameter ranging from 10mm to 610mm. High frequency welding method is adopted.
    1. Hook and Eye Machine Our hook and eye machine is produced using advanced technology from Japan, with high speed and good working efficiency.
      It is equipped with auto feeding and straightening device, and can automatically stop when there is fault.
    1. Street Pole/Post Production Line It is the production line that is ideal for producing lamp pole / post, signal pole /post, electric pipe tower and telecom power, etc.
      Simple decoiling, leveling and slitting line
      Beveled Cutting Line
    1. Pulley Spinning Machine Our pulley spinning equipment has two functions, namely center bearing hubs flow forming, and blank material folding and multi-grooves spinning. The horizontal pulley spinning machine, which can be constructed with four or five stations, supports automatic tool changing. This range of pulley spinning machine is well received because of the simple operation and high efficiency.
    1. Motor Making Machine The rotor coil winding machine is especially used for winding coils for motor rotors. This device comes with PLC control system, touch screen operation, as well as automatic wire traversing.
    1. Welding Machine We can offer a wide range of welding machines to the global customers ...
    1. Fan Guard Making Machine Our fan guard making machine is mainly used for producing radial type electric fan guards (covers), both front and back. The electric fan guard production line is composed of radial wire auto welding machine, mid ring welding machine, outer ring welding machine, ring forming machine, butt welding machine, hydraulic press, wire bending machine for handles, handle welding machine, edge trimming machine, and so on.
    1. Transformer Core Cutting Machines We have various transformer core cutting machines available:
      Fully automatic CNC step-lap mitred core cut to length line (GEORG like)
      Compact swing shear step-lap mitred core cut to length line
      Distributed gap core cutting machine (UNICORE like)
      High speed electrical silicon steel rectangular / straight cutting machine
    1. Automatic Clothes Hanger Making Machine Thanks to the PLC and HMI for the automatic clothes hanger making machine, the operation of the steel wire hanger making machine is quite convenient and easy.
      The hanger mould is changeable for the production of clothes hanger in different shapes. Users can grasp the skill for equipment adjustment easily.
    1. 3D Truss Girder Welding Machine The 3D truss girder welding machine utilizes three coiled steel ribbed bars and two coiled round steel bars as the raw material for production.
      The 3D truss girder is a kind of advanced invention for building construction.
    1. Tube Swaging Machine Tube swaging machine is mainly used to produce decorative metal tubes. Haoshuo is able to provide a variety of swaging machines, such as twisting machine, tapering machine, rotary type swaging machine, tube spinning machine, tube bending machine, and so on.
    1. Automobile Radiator Making Machine We have a complete range of machinery for producing automobile radiators:
      - Aluminum microchannel flat tube cutting machine
      - Header pipe punching machine
      - Automatic core builder
      - Automatic tank clinching machine
      - Aluminum brazing furnace
    1. Tank Welding Machine This welding machine is composed of welding center and clamping device. It is applicable to various different tanks, ideal for straight seam welding and circle seam welding. Please contact us for further information on our tank welding machine.
    1. Tube Cutting Machine The tube cutting machine is a NC cut-to-length machine for straightening coil copper tubes and cutting it into the length required, automatically. It adopts special cutting technology, resulting in chipless cutting and small deformation of the cutting section.
    1. Lace Tipping Machine The shoelace tipping machine is an automatic machine used to put tips on shoelaces. It can also put the tipped laces on paper hand bags and be used in other areas that require lace tips.
    1. Dished End Flanging Machine As the name suggests, this dished end flanging machine is designed for producing various kinds of dished ends through two steps, such as elliptical type, fleet dish type, conical type, spherical type, and so on. It is comprised of two machines: drum pressing machine and flanging machine.
    1. Cotton Swab Making Machine This cotton swab making machine supports automatic material feeding and rolling. The cotton swab head is compact and uniform.
      Applicable stick: Plastic, paper, wood and bamboo
      Main driving motor power: 2.3kW
    1. Paper Folding Machine This machine is mainly for folding interlaminar insulation paper used in transformer windings. After winded in the coil, such folded insulation paper will form the end-insulation, thus increases mechanical intensity, winding efficiency of coil and decreases the material cost.
    1. Automatic Tin Can Welding Machine The automatic tin can welding machine is applicable for the production of various round tin can product, inclding paint can, oil tank, adhesive can, food can, artwork, etc.
    1. Rivet Making Machine Rivets are produced using a complete production line:
      - Cold heading machine
      - Blind rivet nail making machine
      - Open blind rivet assembly machine
      -Washing and polishing machine
    1. Oval Tank Head Flanging Machine Our flanging machine is equipped with a copying system which is ideally suitable for flanging oval tank heads or any other special shaped tank heads. These tank heads are commonly used in liquid tank trucks.
    1. CNG Cylinder Spinning Machine As a professional supplier, we are in the position to provide complete production line for manufacturing CNG cylinders, including automatic loading & unloading device, medium-frequency pre-heating device, hot spinning machine, conveyor, bottom pressing device, cylinder mouth threading device, cylinder inner wall shot blasting device, cylinder shoulder marking device, etc.
    1. Extinguisher Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine Our hot spinning machine is capable of processing seamless steel tubes into various cylinders with close-in bottom and neck-in top according to different purposes, such as extinguisher cylinder, gas cylinder, etc.
    1. CNC Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine As the name suggests, our CNC rebar stirrup bending machine is extensively seen in bending rebar and stirrup for reinforced concrete. Our stirrup bender is fully automatic. Equipped with HMI, the rebar bender supports parameter preset, such as rebar and stirrups shape, size, and quantity.
    1. Gas Spring Making Machine

      We have complete machines for producing gas springs:
      - Gas spring cylinder necking-in & grooving machine
      - Gas spring seal press fitting machine
      - Gas spring piston spin riveting machine
      - Gas spring air filling machine
      - Gas spring testing machine
      - Gas spring marking machine

    1. Dust Collector Bag Cage Welding Machine As the name implies, the dust collector bag cage welding machine is particularly offered for manufacturing bag cage for dust collector. The welding machinery is quite popular home and abroad because of the stable performance.
    1. Paper Stick Making Machine The paper stick manufactured with our automatic paper stick making equipment is generally used by cotton swab and lollipop. The cotton swab stick making machine is characterized by high automation, high production speed, simple operation, and easy maintenance.
    1. Large Diameter Culvert Tunnel Pipe Machine Our large diameter culvert tunnel pipe machine is particularly developed for producing corrugated spiral steel pipes with large diameter. For high automation, the tunnel pipe machinery is equipped with PLC.
    1. Spiral Fin Tube Welding Machine The high frequency spiral fin tube welding machine adopts PLC for double frequency conversion linkage control on the product.
      The material loading, clamping, feeding, welding, and material unloading can be completed automatically.
    1. Extruded Fin Tube Machine Tool holder and its body adopt the advanced dual-circular key structure to withstand torque and achieve accurate and reliable displacement.
      Tool holder adopts split type design, making blade installation, debugging and cleaning operations easier.
    1. Pin Finned Tube Welding Machine This pin finned tube welding machine employs Siemens SINUMERIK802 control system for easy and simple operation. The pin finned tube welding device is generally used to weld the steel pin to the base pipe for boilers. High automatic, the welding equipment is capable of completing pin feeding (2 heads), welding, indexing, base tube feeding, etc.
    1. CNC 3D Wire Bending Machine High speed, each bending process cost 1.0-1.5 second
      Heavy bending capacity for wire up to 10mm diameter (customized)
      This CNC wire bending machine is equipped with servo motor and air compressor as driven power to instead hydraulic pressure, thus keeping the machine clear and easy to maintain.
    1. Compact Metal Slitting Machine The compact metal slitting machine can be used for processing copper and aluminium into narrow strips with the minimum width of 4mm. The strip processed will be recoil automatically. In addition to the compact structure, the metal coil slitting equipment is well received because of the first class slitting quality.
    1. Expanded Metal Machine The expanded metal machine, as the name implies, is generally used for punching and expanding the metal sheet into diamond meshes with different sizes. It is also known as expanded metal mesh machine. The expanded metal making machine can be customized, if the customer offers the following information.
    1. Turret Punch Press Tool Grinding Machine Our grinding machine is specially designed for grinding the punching tools that are used in a turret punch press. The maximum grinding diameter is up to 300mm. The available rotary table will offer a 0 and 15 degree incline, when it is utilized for cutting rooftop tools (one kind of punching tools).
    1. Copper Tube Flange Hole Punching Machine This copper tube flange hole punching machine is specially designed for punching holes on copper pipes used in radiators for air conditioner.
      Servo material feeding, hydraulic punching
      NC control, convenient operation
    1. Paper Taping Machine The configuration of the paper taping machine is on the basis of taping layers, quantity of wires required, and wire reel sizes. This device is able to perform single-wire taping or multi-wire taping. The taping layer ranges from 2 to 60 layers.
    1. Metal Spinning Machine Full automatic, CNC control, the running track, speed and directions of spinning wheel, as well as the spindle speed are controlled by program, easy to operate.
      Siemens control system and humanized interface make it convenient to modify the programs.
    1. Shot Blasting Machine Shot blasting room
      Cylinder inverting device
      Blast gun moving system
      Cylinder rotating device
    1. Wire Frame Bending Machine The wire frame bending machine utilizes pneumatic power in order to bend wires into different frames. It features four bending heads with adjustable positions for different frame sizes. Each bending head is separately controlled with adjustable bending angles. Four angles allow for a one-step formation, and operation is easily done with just a foot switch.
    1. Polyurea Spraying Machine The polyurea spraying machine is generally employed for spraying polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane foam, and some other materials. It is widely seen in the construction of embankment waterproof project, pipeline anticorrosion treatment, sub-cofferdam, tank and pipe coating, cement layer protection, sewage water treatment project, roof and cellar waterproof project, and so on.
    1. Copper Aluminum Continuous Extrusion Machines The MFCCE series copper Strips Continuous Extrusion Line makes use of the advanced technology in the world. Such blank material as copper or aluminum rods will be continuously fed into a revolving squeezing wheel with a fixed groove. At this time, due to the enormous frictional force and extrusion force, a sufficient temperature can be achieved.
    1. Serpentine Tube Bending Machine We provide two different serpentine tube bending machines: one for bending microchannel flat aluminum tubes used in automobile evaporators, and another for bending round metal tubes for heat exchangers.
    1. H gilled boiler fin tube welding machine Controlled by PLC, the H Gilled Boiler Fin Tube Welding Machine offers semi-automatic production. The production process includes manual steel pipe feeding, manual fin tube unloading, manual fin loading, and automatic fin delivering. The fin spacing and length can be set up on the PLC. Importantly, the fin spacing for one tube can be varied.
    1. Copper Tube Rolling Machine The copper tube rolling machine is configured according to the required diameter of finished product (copper tube). In general, our production line consists of melting furnace and caster, tube rolling mill, double-serial drawing machine (or triple-serial drawing machine), vertical type drawing machine, as well as auxiliary equipment, and so on.
    1. APG Epoxy Resin Casting Machine Our WHAG-888 APG Epoxy Resin Casting Machine adopts the automatic pressure gelation processing technology. It is used to cast high voltage electrical components with epoxy resin. The APG technology can reduce the casting duration from dozen hours (by conventional vacuum casting method) to dozen minutes.
    1. Steel Grating Welding Machine This steel grating welding machine is composed of gantry type welding machine, double-layer flat steel feeding device, cross bar auto falling device, steel grating hauling device, hydraulic & pneumatic system, cooling system, electric control system, etc.
    1. Amorphous Transformer Machine This amorphous cutting machine is specially designed for automatic cutting and stacking amorphous strips for cores.
      This line adopts PLC control, servo drive, touch screen operation and high precision mechanical transmitting mechanisms, thereby ensuring high automation, high productivity and high reliability.
    1. Oval Tube Finning Machine The heat exchanging oval tube finning machines are widely used in air cooling systems of power station and chemical plant. The tubes use an oval tube as a carrier, which is different to other traditional cooler fin tubes.
    1. Steel Tube (Cylinder) Necking-in & Closing Machine Our steel tube (cylinder) necking-in & closing machine uses an automatic medium frequency heating method for hot spinning. It can be used for both necking in and closing steel tubes and cylinders. It can close flat ends, spherical ends and elliptical ends, with a freely adjusted necked in mouth diameter.
    1. Transformer Core Winding Machine

      We have various core winding machines:
      - Heavy-duty transformer core winding machine
      - Full automatic toroidal core winding machine
      - Semi-automatic toroidal core winding machine
      - Miniature magnetic core winding machine

    1. Hydraulic Press Four-column structure, simple and economical
      Hydraulic system adopts pin-fit valve integration system, with the advantages of reliable action, long life, small hydraulic impact, no leakage.
      Electric control system is separate. You can pre-set fixed stroke or fixed pressure.
    1. LV Foil Coil Winding Machine We have both LV foil coil winding machines and HV foil coil winding machines available for dry transformers and high quality oil immersed transformers. The LV foil coil winding machine is available in 800mm, 1100mm and 1400mm width, single-layer or double-layer.
      Our HV foil coil winding machine is specially designed for high voltage foil coils, high automation, and high precision.
    1. Battery Making Machine This machine is specially designed for casting board and grids used in batteries. It can melt lead, keep constant mould temperature, feed certain lead liquid, cast and trim edge, all in one machine.
    1. Transformer Coil Winding Machine

      We have a variety of coil winding machines for distribution transformers and power transformers available:
      LV coil winding machine
      HV coil winding machine with automatic wire guiding device
      Fully automatic coil winding machine with auto insulation winding
      Fully automatic multiple coil winding machine
      Vertical coil winding machine for power transformer

    1. Air Conditioner Radiator Core Making Machines

      We own and operate a variety of machines for processing air conditioner radiator cores:
      - Aluminum fin punching press
      - Radiator core tube expanding machine
      - Copper pipe U bending machine
      - Condenser core U L G bending machine

    1. Vacuum Resin Casting Equipment Our vacuum resin casting equipment is applicable for epoxy resin casting bushings, HV switch insulators, arc-distinguish coils, current transformers, potential transformers, dry-type transformers, as well as other electric apparatus.
      This machine is able to carry out with-stuffing and without-stuffing casting.
    1. Vacuum Impregnation Equipment Our vacuum impregnation equipment is mainly designed for insulation treatment of electrical products including wind turbines, power capacitor, high voltage motor, H-grade dry transformer, as well as cable insulation materials, and so on.
    1. CNC Coil Winder

      We have a variety of different CNC coil winding machines available for different applications:
      - Fully automatic air coil winding machine
      - Fully automatic speaker voice coil winding machine
      - Fully automatic wireless charging coil winding machine
      - Fully automatic miniature toroidal coil winding machine

    1. Transformer Oil Vacuum Filtering Machine This series transformer oil vacuum filtering machine is a kind of typical double-stage vacuum oil purifiers and can process and recycle transformer oils efficiently under vacuum conditions. It is capable of dehydrating, degassing, as well as purifying various insulation oil utilized for high voltage transformers, circuit breakers, etc.
    1. Tridimensional Core Transformer Making Machine Our tridimensional core is especially designed for producing tridimensional core transformer which exhibits better performance, more reasonable structure, as well as less production cost. The tridimensional core is a new structure wound GRGO core with three columns of round cross section.
    1. Friction Press The friction press is a kind of universal pressing machine for diversified applications. Our friction screw press is widely employed for stamping, upset forging, bending, rectifying, fine pressing, among others.
    1. Impulse Voltage Generator Impulse voltage generators are used for conducting lightning impulse tests on electric cables, capacitors, bushings, power transformers and instrument transformers. They can carry out standing lightning full wave impulse tests, chopping wave impulse tests and standard operation wave impulse tests.
    1. CNC Turret Punch Press The CNC turret punch press possesses good performance, high efficiency, and convenient operation. It is ideal for automotive, decoration, processing, and electric power industries. With the adoption of CNC technology, this equipment enables the workpiece to be deposited accurately and quickly. It can automatically choose the tools in the turret for punching holes with different sizes, shapes, and distances.
    1. Thermal Spraying Equipment The plasma spraying equipment is composed of spraying gun, power rectifier, control system, cooling system, powder feeder, etc. It utilizes plasma arc as heat source, and uses powder as coating material.
    1. Mechanical Press The JL21 stroke adjustable press comes with welded body for high intensity.
      The mechanical press is installed with dry type pneumatic friction clutch.
      Users can adjust the sliding block stroke through the air cylinder.
      In addition to the eight-face slide guide, this range of product is equipped with overload protection device.